Forest Tape #1: Anybody There?

Released/Hidden: August 28th, 2018

  1. hello
    The BooksGroup Autogenics I
    from ‘The Way Out’

  2. deeper
    The Caretaker All You’re Going To Want To Do Is Get Back There
    from ‘An Empty Bliss Beyond This World’

  3. softer
    Stars of the LidPiano Aquieu
    from ‘The Tired Sounds of Stars of the Lid’

  4. louder
    Jeff BridgesGood Morning Sweetheart / See You at the Dreaming Tree
    from ‘Sleeping Tapes’

  5. darker
    Bark PsychosisInqb8r
    from ‘Codename: Dustsucker’

  6. brighter
    from ‘Substrata’

  7. higher
    Robbie BashoGreen River Suite
    from ‘Visions of the Country’

  8. further
    The KLFPart 10 – 14
    from ‘Chill Out’

  9. later
    The BooksGroup Autogenics II
    from ‘The Way Out’


This was something of a pilot-test for the project. It’s my least favourite of the tapes, but I think it turned out ok regardless.

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