Forest Tape #5: 30 Hours in Summer

Released/Hidden: May 5th, 2019

  1. the sun yawns into view
    Nils FrahmSunson
    from ‘All Melody’

  2. everything is beautiful and nothing hurts
    XTCSummer’s Cauldron / Grass
    from ‘Skylarking’

  3. we fell asleep?! what time is it?
    Kurt Vile Rollin’ With The Flow
    from ‘Bottle It In’

  4. the swale of the afternoon…
    Penguin Cafe OrchestraAir
    from ‘Broadcasting From Home’

  5. …the sudden dip into evening…
    GasPop 4
    from ‘Pop’

  6. …then night, with his notorious perfumes.
    from ‘Foreign Body’

  7. long shadows under the moon
    Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti & Dam FunkBaby
    from ‘Mature Themes’

  8. the brain is soft and warm tonight
    Jeff BridgesSleep, Dream, Wake Up / Chimes For Dreams
    from ‘Sleeping Tapes’

  9. i’ve got tons of important stuff to do!
    The Beach BoysVega-Tables
    from ‘The SMiLE Sessions’


This is the happiest of all the tapes, and probably the easiest to enjoy. It was also the easiest to make. I normally spend around five to ten weeks on each tape, but this one was nailed down in two. It’s effectively a massive thank you to my friends, without whom I’d either be lost or long gone. The knowledge that people as good as them exist is more wonderful than I can convey here.

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