Public Mixtape #4: Lost Connection

Made for a friend I used to know who vanished before I could give this to him. Feel like someone should hear this at any rate.

  1. Jon Spencer Blues ExplosionSkunk
    from ‘Now I Got Worry’
  2. Sleater KinneyThe Fox
    from ‘The Woods’
  3. Daughn GibsonRain on a Highway
    from ‘All Hell’
  4. Tim Hecker Rainbow Blood
    from ‘Harmony In Ultraviolet’
  5. Boards of CanadaOpen the Light
    from ‘Music Has the Right to Children’
  6. GrauzoneEisbaer
    from ‘Die Sunrise Tapes’
  7. PavementRattled By The Rush
    from ‘Wowee Zowee’
  8. Jens LekmanA Man Walks Into a Bar
    from ‘Oh You’re So Silent Jens’
  9. Ariel PinkBubblegum Dreams
    from ‘Dedicated to Bobby Jameson’
  10. Parquet CourtsWe R In Control (Neil Young cover)
    from Amazon session
  11. Robbie BashoNight Way
    from ‘Visions of the Country’
  12. Tim Hecker Blood Rainbow
    from ‘Harmony In Ultraviolet’
  13. The Beach BoysMeant For You
    from ‘Friends’
  14. DeerhunterNothing Ever Happened
    from ‘Microcastle’

Note: The Parquet Courts track and its preceding interlude appears on the first public mixtape also. Apologies for this.

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