Public Mixtape #6: Overstimulation and Retreat

This tape is an attempt to capture the sometimes-thrilling stress of the internet age, and the drive to escape from it. Some explicit language used.

  1. dialtones
    Grace JonesThis Is
    from ‘Hurricane’
  2. get slick, get screwed
    Cameo Don’t Be So Cool
    from ‘Knights of the Sound Table’
  3. drink smoke fk die
    DVS Money Train
    from ‘DVTV’
  4. meanwhile, everywhere
    Kraftwerk Radioactivity
    from ‘Radioactivity’
  5. facemelting, teethgrinding
    Oneohtrix Point NeverEzra
    from ‘Garden of Delete’
  6. i want it i need it
    Chuck PersonShe’s Waiting / Dreams
    from ‘Chuck Person’s Eccojams’
  7. sugar cubed
    Saint PepsiBetter
    from ‘Hit Vibes’
  8. primitive technology
    Robbie BashoLeaf on the Wind
    from ‘Visions of the Country’
  9. unbroadcast
    Arthur RussellMe For Real
    from ‘Another Thought’
  10. the taste of memory
    The BooksIt Never Changes To Stop
    from ‘Lost and Safe’
  11. you never left
    (Sandy) Alex GProud
    from ‘Rocket’

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