Public Mixtape #7: Post-Trump Brain Dump

Post can be deleted by request of the artists used.
All the love x

  1. Anonymous singing group vocalising in Deal woodland (recorded and edited by me)
  2. David Lynch & Alan Splet – The Lady in the Radiator’s song (from Eraserhead)
  3. Gas – Konigsforst 6
  4. Aidan John Moffat – excerpt from I Can Hear Your Heart
  5. Pictish Trail – The Lighthouse (live)
  6. Concert Silence – 09.22.07 2-3pm part 4 / Billy Collins reads The Art of Drowning
  7. Excerpt from God’s Own Country
  8. The Books – Chain of Missing Links
  9. The Beach Boys – Surf’s Up (preceded by session warmups)
  10. Dirty Beaches – Phases

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