For Ella

Ella, I’m sorry I couldn’t contain myself. This grew into a 3-sided tape.Contents, artists and song titles withheld for the sake of surprise. I will never ask you questions like “Did you listen yet?” because life is busy enough. This tape is intended to be enjoyed as “time out”, not as a fulfillment of a […]

Rob and Sarah’s Wedding Mixtape

Two of my best friends got married last night and I was tasked with providing an hour of music for the reception party. This is the result. Steppenwolf – Magic Carpet Ride (intro: excerpt from the movie The Wild Angels) Prince – Kiss Fatboy Slim / Jefferson Airplane – Praise You / Somebody To Love […]

Public Mixtape #8: Dead Hard Drive Blues

Recently my beloved long-suffering external hard drive packed in, thus deleting my entire collection of hoarded music and videos. This tape was made in the initial stages of rebuilding my digital libraries. As always, it’s some wobbly reflection of my current internal narratives. Some stroppy paranoid hip-hop, some celestial jazz, some spooky atmopsheric country, and […]