Rob and Sarah’s Wedding Mixtape

Two of my best friends got married last night and I was tasked with providing an hour of music for the reception party. This is the result. Steppenwolf – Magic Carpet Ride (intro: excerpt from the movie The Wild Angels) Prince – Kiss Fatboy Slim / Jefferson Airplane – Praise You / Somebody To Love […]

Public Mixtape #8: Dead Hard Drive Blues

Recently my beloved long-suffering external hard drive packed in, thus deleting my entire collection of hoarded music and videos. This tape was made in the initial stages of rebuilding my digital libraries. As always, it’s some wobbly reflection of my current internal narratives. Some stroppy paranoid hip-hop, some celestial jazz, some spooky atmopsheric country, and […]

Suite For Charles and Daniel

I’m not entirely sure what this is. Might be a mixtape, might be some kind of composite half-hour song. Whatever it is, I think I want it to be public. Dedicated to the memory of Charles Kellogg and to the enduring good health of Daniel Cwirka. Elements used:– Charles Kellogg – His Complete Issued Recordings, […]

Tender Buttons: Jan Jelinek’s Sensual Data

Hmm… there’s something seductive going on around here. Jan Jelinek’s mysterious and subtle collection of clicks, pops and hums is sexy in the way that libraries are sexy. This is a designated quiet zone in which the normally drowned-out sounds – pages turning, chairs creaking, and shoes padding across carpet tiles – are amplified into […]

Fly Me Free: Songs From Suicide Bridge

No review is objective. Everything you are – your race, age, gender, nationality, your fondness for raspberry jam – all of it informs your reactions and perspectives. For this reason, music that seems to “not care” whether you like it or not is very attractive. It’s an unselfconsciousness, an unwillingness to pander and a total […]