The Quarantine Trilogy

The voices were loud during lockdown. And here they are.
These programs were an attempt to take pain and reshape it into something enjoyable, comforting and revealing.

It’s fun to listen to.

This project is dedicated to the memory of Glenn Gould.

Glenn Gould was one of the greatest and most celebrated concert pianists who ever lived. The difficulties he faced due to his obsessive compulsive disorder led him to retire from performing at age 31. He subsequently made a series of sound documentaries consisting overlapping interviews, music concréte and field recordings, all depicting aspects of rural Canada. Together, these three pieces are known as The Solitude Trilogy and are a must-hear for anyone even remotely interested in sound art. They are literature.

Although his own voice rarely appears within the pieces, Gould declared his Solitude Trilogy “as close to an autobiographical statement as I intend to get in radio”.

With that in mind, here’s my contribution.

Tape #1: The Idea of No

Tape #2: The Lockdowners

Tape #3: The Loud Quiet

My most sincere thanks to the Cowards: Tom Basden, Stefan Golaszewski, Tim Key and Lloyd Woolf. Their bizarre work made me smile when I thought I’d never smile again, and their show Cowards is sampled heavily throughout this series of programs.