Moon Tape #2: The Snow Moon

February 9th, 2020

  1. Full Moon ◌
    brisk weather, leisurely pace
    Ryuichi SakamotoAmore
    from ‘Playing the Piano’

  2. Waning Gibbous Moon ờ
    wires twitch
    Santo & JohnnyTeardrop
    from ‘Sleepwalk’

  3. Half Moon ᴓ
    warm wheezes
    Pictish TrailMichael Rocket
    from ‘Secret Soundz vol. 2’

  4. Waning Crescent Moon ◘
    Biosphere Times When I Know You’ll Be Sad / Hyperborea
    from ‘Substrata’

  5. New Moon ●
    Brian EnoThe Lost Day
    from ‘Ambient 4: On Land’

  6. Waxing Crescent Moon ◘
    frostbite knuckles
    Low That’s How You Sing Amazing Grace
    from ‘Trust’

  7. Half Moon ᴓ
    the freshest water possible
    Oneohtrix Point NeverMonths
    from ‘Russian Mind’
    – Nick Laird reads his poem ‘Talking in Kitchens’

  8. Waxing Gibbous Moon ờ
    drips and flows
    Kurt VileSong For John in D
    from ‘God Is Saying This To You’

  9. Full Moon ◌
    change must be earned
    XTC Sacrificial Bonfire
    from ‘Skylarking’

Special thanks to Dan Cwirka.

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