Moon Tape 3: The Worm Moon

March 9th, 2020

  1. Full Moon ◌
    rich heavy soil
    – Skee MaskCerroverb
    from ‘Compro’
    – Peter Gizzi reads ‘Protest Song’

  2. Waning Gibbous Moon ờ
    the last of the dry firewood
    The Handsome FamilyThe Sad Milkman
    from ‘In The Air’

  3. Half Moon ᴓ
    shivering touch
    Chris SchlarbThe Great Receiver
    from ‘Making the Saint’

  4. Waning Crescent Moon ◘
    a needle stretching south
    The CaretakerOn The Edge of a Breakdown / Robins and Roses
    from ‘A Stairway to the Stars’

  5. New Moon ●
    the bliss of gravitational pull
    William Basinski4(E+D) 4(ER=EPR)
    from ‘On Time Out of Time’

  6. Waxing Crescent Moon ◘
    wistful thinking
    Frank SinatraI See Your Face Before Me
    from ‘In The Wee Small Hours’

  7. Half Moon ᴓ
    freeze-thaw weathering
    – Rachel Boast reads ‘Frosted Fields’
    – Robbie BashoWhere Butterflies in Winter Go
    from ‘Twilight Peaks’

  8. Waxing Gibbous Moon ờ
    dawn with daffodils
    Saint EtienneLike the Swallow
    from ‘Foxbase Alpha’

  9. Full Moon ◌
    home from work in daylight
    Paul de JongThe Art of What
    from ‘IF’

Special thanks to: J. Slowe, K. Algar, Damien Jurado and Andrew Weatherall.

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