Public Mixtape #3: The Idea of New York

I’ve never been to New York, or even out of Europe, so this is a mostly-imagined perspective of the city through music. Enjoy.

  1. David HolmesMy Mate Paul
    from ‘Let’s Get Killed’
  2. DVSLife is a Gamble
    from ‘DVTV’
  3. J DillaStop! / People
    from ‘Donuts’
  4. The Lounge LizardsBob The Bob / Voice of Chunk
    from ‘Voice of Chunk’
  5. David HolmesRodney Yates
    from ‘Let’s Get Killed’
  6. Richard Hell and the VoidoidsLove Comes In Spurts
    from ‘Blank Generation’
  7. RamonesJudy is a Punk
    from ‘Ramones’
  8. Deee-LiteGood Beat
    from ‘World Clique’
  9. The Magnetic FieldsStrange Powers
    from ‘Holiday’
  10. M83Moonchild
    from ‘Before the Dawn Heals Us’

For my friend Dan

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