Rob and Sarah’s Wedding Mixtape

Two of my best friends got married last night and I was tasked with providing an hour of music for the reception party. This is the result. Steppenwolf – Magic Carpet Ride (intro: excerpt from the movie The Wild Angels) Prince – Kiss Fatboy Slim / Jefferson Airplane – Praise You / Somebody To Love […]

Public Mixtape #8: Dead Hard Drive Blues

Recently my beloved long-suffering external hard drive packed in, thus deleting my entire collection of hoarded music and videos. This tape was made in the initial stages of rebuilding my digital libraries. As always, it’s some wobbly reflection of my current internal narratives. Some stroppy paranoid hip-hop, some celestial jazz, some spooky atmopsheric country, and […]

Suite For Charles and Daniel

I’m not entirely sure what this is. Might be a mixtape, might be some kind of composite half-hour song. Whatever it is, I think I want it to be public. Dedicated to the memory of Charles Kellogg and to the enduring good health of Daniel Cwirka. Elements used:– Charles Kellogg – His Complete Issued Recordings, […]

Public Mixtape #7: Post-Trump Brain Dump

Post can be deleted by request of the artists used.All the love x Anonymous singing group vocalising in Deal woodland (recorded and edited by me) David Lynch & Alan Splet – The Lady in the Radiator’s song (from Eraserhead) Gas – Konigsforst 6 Aidan John Moffat – excerpt from I Can Hear Your Heart Pictish […]

Public Mixtape #6: Overstimulation and Retreat

This tape is an attempt to capture the sometimes-thrilling stress of the internet age, and the drive to escape from it. Some explicit language used. dialtonesGrace Jones – This Isfrom ‘Hurricane’ get slick, get screwedCameo – Don’t Be So Cool from ‘Knights of the Sound Table’ drink smoke fk dieDVS – Money Trainfrom ‘DVTV’ meanwhile, […]

Public Mixtape #4: Lost Connection

Made for a friend I used to know who vanished before I could give this to him. Feel like someone should hear this at any rate. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Skunkfrom ‘Now I Got Worry’ Sleater Kinney – The Fox from ‘The Woods’ Daughn Gibson – Rain on a Highwayfrom ‘All Hell’ Tim Hecker […]

Public Mixtape #3: The Idea of New York

I’ve never been to New York, or even out of Europe, so this is a mostly-imagined perspective of the city through music. Enjoy. David Holmes – My Mate Paulfrom ‘Let’s Get Killed’ DVS – Life is a Gamblefrom ‘DVTV’ J Dilla – Stop! / Peoplefrom ‘Donuts’ The Lounge Lizards – Bob The Bob / Voice […]

Lost and Safe Public Mixtape #2

This mixtape was made during a stressful family holiday in an attempt to calm myself the fuck down. It’s messy but I like it. Big Star – Feel from ‘#1 Record’ The Beach Boys vs J Dilla – Let’s Go Away For Awhilefrom ‘Bullion presents: Pet Sounds in the Key of Dee’ The Carl Stalling […]

Lost and Safe Public Mixtape #1

I deeply miss the analogue start-to-finish no-track-skipped mixtape format. These are my modern alternative. They will be themed in future, but for now, this one is for fun. Daughn Gibson – Lite Me Up from ‘Lite Me Up’ 7″ single Moby – I Love To Move In Herefrom ‘Last Night’ The Smashing Pumpkins – Cupid […]