Public Mixtape #5: Pre-Decade Tension

Hi everyone.
The end of the current decade has me feeling a lot of hope, a lot of despair, and a lot of being really bloody tired. I’ve done my best to channel my current mindset into this tape and I hope some of it rings true with you. Here’s to reparations.
“Thank you for whatever you do, wherever you are, to bring joy and light and hope and faith and pardon and love to your neighbour and to yourself.” – Fred Rogers

I love you

  1. ribs break free
    Mieskuoro HuutajatOulujoki
  2. the last am broadcast
    Tim HeckerSong of the Highwire Shrimper
    from ‘Radio Amor’
  3. don’t write a will yet
    Saint Etienne Spring
    from ‘Foxbase Alpha’
  4. i wanna see all my friends at once
    Dinosaur L and LolaWax the Van
    from ‘The World of Arthur Russell’
  5. can’t keep that baby quiet
    Daughn GibsonYou Don’t Fade (instrumental)
    from ‘Rough Trade EP’
  6. fresh air between toes and thighs
    Alex Zhang HungtaiOranges In Bed
    from ‘Knave of Hearts’
  7. a tight squeeze
    Christelle BofaleOrigami Dreams
    from ‘Swim Team’
  8. crumbling into colour
    The BooksS Is For Evrysing
    from ‘The Lemon Of Pink’
  9. we should be feeling better
    Vince Guaraldi TrioChristmas Time Is Here
    from ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’
  10. a memory of artificial light
    Arthur RussellWax The Van
    from ‘World of Echo’
  11. regular exorcism
    Paul de JongBreaking Up
    from ‘You Fucken Sucker’
  12. waves of future present
    Fennesz In My Room
    from ‘Agora’

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