Moon Tape #2: The Snow Moon

February 9th, 2020 Full Moon ◌brisk weather, leisurely paceRyuichi Sakamoto – Amorefrom ‘Playing the Piano’ Waning Gibbous Moon ờwires twitchSanto & Johnny – Teardropfrom ‘Sleepwalk’ Half Moon ᴓwarm wheezesPictish Trail – Michael Rocketfrom ‘Secret Soundz vol. 2’ Waning Crescent Moon ◘refrostingBiosphere – Times When I Know You’ll Be Sad / Hyperboreafrom ‘Substrata’ New Moon ●unsilhouetting […]

Moon Tape #1: The Wolf Moon

January 10th, 2020 Full Moon ◌goodnight, goodnightSuss – Salt Flatsfrom ‘High Line’ Waning Gibbous Moon ờthe communal fireHowe Gelb + the Sno Angel Choir – Get To Leavefrom ‘Sno Angel Like You’ Half Moon ᴓwinter chemicalsGrouper – Disengaged / Heavy Waterfrom ‘Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill’ Waning Crescent Moon ◘shelter under skyScott Walker […]

Bad Movie Night: Winter’s Tale

In 2002, Akiva Goldsman won the Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar for A Beautiful Mind. Over a decade later, he finally gets his passion project off the ground – writing, directing and producing an adaptation of Mark Helprin’s fantasy novel Winter’s Tale. Rumour has it that Martin Scorsese originally wanted to purchase the film rights, but […]

Live and Rest

Some customers at my local record store tried to return this record because it “wasn’t long enough”. That’s like suing Rothko for not using enough colours. Boneset says what it needs to say and nothing else. The quality of a record shouldn’t be defined by how long it plays for, but how deep it sinks […]

Forest Tape #6: Under the Moon

Released: July 16th, 2019 Dedicated to the memory of Horst Rosenthal and Peter Adair. The stars turn ☼Harold Budd, Daniel Lentz & Reuben Garcia – Pulse, Pause, Repeatfrom ‘Music For 3 Pianos’ Full Moon ◌a something is an echo of a nothingBiosphere – Microgravity from ‘Microgravity’ Waning Gibbous Moon ờ alone for how long?Cowboy Junkies […]

Forest Tape #5: 30 Hours in Summer

Released/Hidden: May 5th, 2019 the sun yawns into viewNils Frahm – Sunsonfrom ‘All Melody’ everything is beautiful and nothing hurtsXTC – Summer’s Cauldron / Grassfrom ‘Skylarking’ we fell asleep?! what time is it?Kurt Vile – Rollin’ With The Flowfrom ‘Bottle It In’ the swale of the afternoon…Penguin Cafe Orchestra – Airfrom ‘Broadcasting From Home’ …the […]

Forest Tape #4: The Rites of Spring

Released/Hidden: April 5th, 2019 Dedicated to the memory of Mark Hollis. it’s beginning to look a lot like WalpurgisnachtLiars – Read The Book That Wrote Itselffrom ‘They Were Wrong So We Drowned’ condensation trailsGrouper – The Races from ‘Grid of Points’ first piercing greenTalk Talk – April 5thfrom ‘The Colour of Spring’ facefuls of wet […]