Rob and Sarah’s Wedding Mixtape

Two of my best friends got married last night and I was tasked with providing an hour of music for the reception party. This is the result. Steppenwolf – Magic Carpet Ride (intro: excerpt from the movie The Wild Angels) Prince – Kiss Fatboy Slim / Jefferson Airplane – Praise You / Somebody To Love […]

Public Mixtape #7: Post-Trump Brain Dump

Post can be deleted by request of the artists used.All the love x Anonymous singing group vocalising in Deal woodland (recorded and edited by me) David Lynch & Alan Splet – The Lady in the Radiator’s song (from Eraserhead) Gas – Konigsforst 6 Aidan John Moffat – excerpt from I Can Hear Your Heart Pictish […]

Public Mixtape #6: Overstimulation and Retreat

This tape is an attempt to capture the sometimes-thrilling stress of the internet age, and the drive to escape from it. Some explicit language used. dialtonesGrace Jones – This Isfrom ‘Hurricane’ get slick, get screwedCameo – Don’t Be So Cool from ‘Knights of the Sound Table’ drink smoke fk dieDVS – Money Trainfrom ‘DVTV’ meanwhile, […]